17 Ocak 2013 Perşembe

Colors of Jazz

These are some images from 2012 and other times by Olivier Bonhomme, who is a french designer that i follow on Behance.

These images are related with my corporate identity of the jazz club Cazyap project. I use black and white on my co. id. but when i saw these illustrations, I really like the color choices.

25 Aralık 2012 Salı

Robotic Film Machine

Here are two posters that with which Olivier Bonhomne participated in the call for proposals of the International Festival of Animated Film 2013 Annecy.

I find these robotic film machine illustrations dynamic and funny. They represent the soul of the festival well.

20 Aralık 2012 Perşembe

Heroic Postcard

This is a part of a serie of portraits of the most representative characters of comic books by Forma and Co. This project took my attention because I love comic heroes and the comics, cartoons, films and games about them. And now I love designs about them too.

20 Kasım 2012 Salı

This is a commercial by A Creative Department for a water company. I really enjoyed it. 

Creator always makes the characters life easier. That makes you smile. Enjoy!

13 Kasım 2012 Salı

Illustrated T-shirts

Here are some illustrated t-shirt designs by Glenn Jones.

Fast Funeral - Retired Design

Rock Me Amadeus

Experimental Music

Mushroom Soup

After Hours

5 Kasım 2012 Pazartesi

Game of Thrones: typographic heraldry

Game of Thrones is the most-watched tv-series of last year. Typographic heraldry designed by Mattia Castiglioni represents dynasties well. All dynasties have an icon which represents their past or features. With the power of typography designer shows us with the harmony of icons and letter as successful logos.